5 of December 2012 - Exhibition of paintings "Nature vs. Culture"

The participants of the exhibition are: Professor Paul Jarodzki, Assistant Professor Wojciech Pukocz, Assistant Michal Sikorski, MSc Albertyna Kacalak, gallery "za Szklem", Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw.


8 of October 2012 Painting Exhibition on Diploma of The Year, The Competition of Lower Silesia Province Governor, BWA Awangarda, Wrocław.


15-22 September 2012 - IV Festival of Arts "City of Stars", Exhibition of Painting in Żyrardow (Poland).


13 of September 2012–13 of October 2012 - The 2nd Survey of Young Art. «Fresh Blood»

Painting Exhibition in Socato Gallery, Wrocław.


8 of August 2012 - Collective Exhibition of Painting in the Belchatow Cultural Center.

22 of June 2012-  Diploma final exams, post-exam diploma "Znaki (Signs)", multimedia presentation "Dziewczynka co mieszkała raz wysoko albo całkiem nisko (The girl that once lived high or very low) ".

7 of June 2012 - Participation in the 12 All-Poland Survey of Modern Art in Civic Centre in Rawicz. 


9 of May 2012-  Collective Exhibition of works by students of Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk "Bliskoznacznie", Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk.


22 of March 2012 - a solo exhibition of paintings and drawings by Albertyna Kacalak titled "Signs"

will be held at Malgosia Gallery (Odrzańska Street no 39/40) Wroclaw.


11 of January 2012 - Post-competition Exhibition of Painting "Kreatywny Wrocław", Aquarelle Gallery, Radisson Blu Hotel, Wrocław. 


28 of October 2011 - Painting exhibition by Danuta Wikotria Kacalak & Albertyna Kacalak titled "Confrontations" ,opens in Środa Śląska (Poland)  House of Culture (Pl. Wolności Street no 58), vernissage 18.00.